Swienty National 14 x 12 Poly Hive

£148.99 VAT included

Complete British National Poly Hive. 

Arrives flat-packed with assembly instructions. 


  • 1 x Floor with ridged landing board, mesh floor and inspection tray
  • 1 x Roof
  • 2 x Supers inc plastic runners
  • 1 x 14x12 Brood box inc plastic runners
  • 1 x Plastic Queen excluder
  • 1 x Poly-carbonate Crown Board
  • Assembly instructions

Compatible with most National wooden hives measuring 460mm x 460mm

Made from high-density polystyrene, it is up to three times stronger than what is used in packaging and has excellent insulation properties, keeping your bees warmer during winter.

To preserve your Poly Hive we recommend painting the exterior with our poly hive paint.

PLEASE NOTE: At the time of filming, the crown/inspection board Simon used had a plastic film on it. However, this may vary so we cannot guarantee that all crown/inspection boards will have the plastic film on them.