Stainless Steel Honey Press

£149.99 VAT included

Crafted from premium 304 stainless steel, this honey press boasts durability unmatched by flimsier alternatives found on the market. Reinforced for heavy-duty performance, it's specifically tailored for processing heather honey.

Its spacious chamber can accommodate approximately 20kg of honey, while the inner basket, fashioned from 1.5mm perforated stainless steel sheet with a diameter of 240mm, ensures efficient filtration.

Equipped with a linen scrim press bag, this press stands at 300mm in diameter and 300mm in height. It features a 30mm outlet diameter with a 10mm pitch, facilitated by sturdy carrying handles for easy transport.

Constructed with robust 304-grade box section crossbars and supports, it incorporates two 22mm stainless nuts on each side of the base crossbar to enhance stability. The crossbar can be swiftly released by disengaging the two lynchho pins and 'R' clips.

For effortless maintenance, the base plate, fabricated from 3.5mm stainless steel, includes a lifting handle, ensuring hassle-free cleaning.