Simon The Beekeeper National Western Cedar WBC Hive

£299.00 VAT included

The all-new Western Red Cedar Simon The Beekeeper WBC Style Hive.

Our innovative WBC-styled hive is perfect for beekeepers looking to elevate their existing national hive setup. This design allows you to seamlessly reuse your standard national brood boxes, super boxes, queen excluders, and crown boards. Upgrade the appearance and functionality of your current hive with this stylish option.

Unlike standard WBC hives, this hive fits 11 frames in the brood box as you can reuse your standard national hive boxes. This provides more laying room for the queen and enhances the overall productivity of your hive. Additionally, the Western Red Cedar construction offers superior insulation, keeping your bees warmer during the winter months.

The Simon The Beekeeper WBC Hive includes:

  1. Fully assembled Western Cedar hive stand and floor with mesh floor and inspection board
  2. 1 x Western Cedar lift with porch
  3. 2 x Western Cedar lifts
  4. Fully assembled galvanized metal-covered gabled Western Cedar roof with cone bee escapes
  5. Pair of entrance sliders
  6. Hive nails

For just an additional £30.00, we can fully assembled this hive.