Nicotplast Cupkit Queen Rearing System

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Complete genuine Nicotplast Queen rearing set.

Nicot Cupkit Complete Queen Rearing System

This Queen rearing kit made by Nicot makes Queen rearing quite simple and requires no grafting.

Place the Brown Cell Cups at the back of the comb box and the Queen in the front, under the removable cover which acts as a Queen Excluder. This means the Queen is only able to lay into the cell cups, whilst still being attended to by worker bees. The small, newly hatched larvae can be seen through the transparent back and cups, each in a pin-prick of royal jelly.

The harvested eggs should ideally be no more than a few hours old, but it is recommended that they are not more than one day old, they can then be carefully removed and plugged into the cell bar cups.

Once the Queen Cells are drawn and sealed, the roller cages are fitted around them to cage the emerging virgin queens. These cages can then be used for travelling and introduction.