Metal National Hive Stand

£19.99 VAT included

The all new Simon The Beekeeper Metal Hive Stand – your ultimate solution for elevating and enhancing the performance of your national beehive. Elevating your beehive provides numerous benefits, such as improved ventilation, easier access for inspections and maintenance, and better protection from ground moisture and pests. Our innovative metal hive stand is meticulously designed to maximize these advantages, ensuring your bees thrive in a healthier environment.

Crafted with durability and stability in mind, the Simon The Beekeeper Metal Hive Stand is made from high-quality metal, promising long-lasting performance and resistance to the elements. The stand is conveniently delivered as a flat-packed kit, making transportation and storage hassle-free. Included in the kit are 4 sturdy nuts and 4 bolts, ensuring a quick and straightforward assembly process. Simply tighten the nuts and bolts to enhance the stability of the stand, providing a solid foundation for your beehive.

Once your hive is placed on the stand, its stability is further reinforced, creating a robust and secure base that withstands various environmental conditions. This added elevation not only improves airflow around the hive but also makes it easier for you to monitor and manage your bee colony, promoting a healthier and more productive beekeeping experience.

Choose the Simon The Beekeeper Metal Hive Stand for a reliable, durable, and efficient way to elevate your beehive. Experience the difference in quality and design that our stand offers, ensuring your bees enjoy an optimal habitat while you benefit from the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a well-supported hive.

Please note: The hive pictured on the stand is not included with the listing.