Gard'Apis - Complete Asian Hornet Trap Kit

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Introducing the Complete Asiatic Hornet Trap Kit, featuring:

  • Mesh body with Queen Excluder
  • 2 End cones
  • 2 sets of specialized nozzles
  • Mesh clip
  • Transparent bait tray

The Gard’Apis trap is engineered with precision to:

  • Exclusively target Asian Hornets
  • Safeguard other insect species
  • Offer user-friendly operation
  • Facilitate swift redeployment

Here's a glimpse into the innovative approach by the developers of Gard’Apis:

The initial concept capitalized on a ubiquitous item among beekeepers—the queen 'excluder' mesh, repurposed as an economical and readily available trap body. A half of a Dadant 425×500 queen excluder forms the foundation of each trap, supplied within the Complete Asiatic Hornet Trap Kit.

The subsequent breakthrough involved the use of 'cones' to channel hornets into the trap while minimizing bycatch. Mesh and pipe fittings were initially utilized for cone prototypes, followed by rigorous testing, including 3D-printed iterations for rapid field trials. Refinements led to the adoption of half-excluders, effectively guiding Asian Hornets into the trap.

After extensive experimentation, a design was perfected, subsequently manufactured through injection molding to yield the final product.

Bycatch poses a significant concern:

Indiscriminate elimination of insects, in an effort to control Asian Hornets, can disrupt ecosystems and exacerbate environmental challenges. The delicate balance of pollinators and their predators is susceptible to disturbance. The Gard’Apis trap is meticulously engineered to mitigate Asian Hornet populations while preserving other insect species.

Avoid resorting to indiscriminate methods like beer traps for Asian Hornet control.

Zero-Bycatch Strategy: Utilizing Red and Orange Nozzles

Each Gard’Apis kit includes red and orange nozzles, tailored to virtually eliminate bycatch.

During spring, deploy the Red nozzle when queens are foraging to establish their nests. The larger aperture accommodates Asian Hornet Queens while excluding European Hornet Queens. Other insects attracted to the trap are either small enough to escape or too large to enter through the nozzle.

As Asian Hornet Queens typically refrain from leaving their nests after the emergence of their first brood, switch to the Orange nozzle 6-8 weeks following the initial sightings. This nozzle permits entry for Asian Hornet Workers while still barring European Hornet Workers.

Experience has demonstrated minimal bycatch. In case of any bycatch, place the trap in a freezer until movement ceases, remove the captured insects, allow them to recover outdoors, then return the trap, along with hornets, to the freezer for disposal. Additionally, replenish the trap with fresh bait, including a few deceased hornets to enhance effectiveness.

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