Double Roller Frame Uncapping Device

£149.99 VAT included

Introducing The UNCAPPER, your ultimate solution for uncapping National and Langstroth frames with ease and efficiency. Designed to accommodate all sizes of National and Langstroth frames, including shallows, mediums, and deeps, this innovative tool offers unparalleled convenience.

Beyond its remarkable speed, The UNCAPPER boasts several key advantages. Firstly, it operates without the need for heat, electricity, or sharp edges, ensuring both safety and simplicity in use. Additionally, it minimizes wax waste, saving your bees valuable time that would otherwise be spent rebuilding comb. Unlike traditional methods, The UNCAPPER does not remove cappings; instead, it precisely slits them open, maintaining the integrity of the honeycomb.

Crafted with quality and durability in mind, The UNCAPPER features a body made from high-density polyethylene, providing protection and longevity. Its rollers, cut from solid 2" aluminum bar stock using CNC lathe technology, ensure smooth and efficient operation. Even in the event of accidental drops, the polyethylene body safeguards the rollers from damage. Plus, should the need arise, replacing the O-rings – the only component susceptible to breakage – is a straightforward task.

Say goodbye to the hassle of using a separate uncapping tank while waiting for the extractor to finish its cycle. With The UNCAPPER, you can load frames directly into the extractor within minutes of removal from the super, streamlining your honey extraction process like never before. Experience unmatched convenience and efficiency with The UNCAPPER – the ultimate tool for beekeepers seeking optimal honey extraction results.