Hive Alive 2L Bee Food Liquid Concentrate

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Hive Alive is a complementary feed that is added to sugar syrup for bees to maintain honey bee colony strength.

Key Information 

  • Liquid feed supplement for bees that contains a proprietary blend of SEAWEED EXTRACTS (specifically selected for honeybee health)
  • Seaweeds are increasingly used commercially in animal feeds to promote weight gain, intestinal well-being and immune health
  • HiveAlive was the first feed supplement for bees that uses seaweeds and the ONLY supplement that uses seaweed extracts
  • HiveAlive also contains thymol and lemongrass
  • It is made in Ireland and follows strict EU manufacturing regulations and conforms to all FDA requirements

HiveAlive is easy to use.

  1. Shake well. Contents will settle.
  2. Feed HiveAlive annually at the end of the honey harvest when the honey supers have been removed.
  3. All syrup fed to be activated at a concentration of 2.5 ml of HiveAlive to every litre of syrup.
  4. Stir well.