B.S National Western Cedar Hive

£205.00 VAT included

Complete National hive made from high quality Western Cedar.

Have your hive assembled from only an extra £25!

Hive Includes:

  • 1 x 4" Flat Roof complete with metal cover
  • 1 x Varroa Mesh Floor with entrance block
  • 2 x Supers 
  • 1 x Brood
  • 1 x B.S National Porter Bee Escape Crown Board with porter bee escapes 
  • 1 x Plastic Queen Excluder- 460mm²
  • 6 x Steel Frame Runners

*All part assembled hives come with full assembly instructions and nails, and an assembled roof and floor.

Before using your hive, we recommend using an insect friendly wood preserver and weather outside for a week prior to use. We recommend all joints are glued (not included) during assembly. To prolong the life of your new hive, complete wood treatment every 3 to 4 years.