BS Honey Bees National 2-1 Poly Nuc Box with frames & Foundation

£75.99 VAT included

Versatile National poly nuc with frames & foundation.

Can be used as either a 6 frame nuc box, or split into 2 x 3 frame mating nucs.

Includes an integrated 3L feeder for either syrup or fondant based feed.

Compatible with Maisemore Nuc Brood and Maisemore Nuc Super Boxes


  • 6 x DN4 Brood Frames with Pins
  • 6 x BS Brood Wired Foundation
  • Entrances on both the front and rear to allow 2 colonies to be reared at one time.
  • Removable Fondant Plug
  • Incorporated frame runner 
  • Designed to ensure top bee space
  • Removable divider

To preserve your Poly Nuc we recommend painting the exterior with our poly hive paint.