Bundle 1 Fully Assembled 1st Grade Western Cedar Hive with Assembled Frames

£260.00 VAT included

 The Buzzing Starter Kit

  • 1 fully assembled 1st grade western cedar hive with two supers.
  • Hassle-free setup with assembled 1st grade frames.
  • Primed for a bumper beekeeping season next year.
  • No assembly required – just add bees!

Complete National hive made from high quality Western Cedar.

Hive Includes:

  • 1 x 4" Flat Roof complete with metal cover
  • 1 x Varroa Mesh Floor with entrance block
  • 2 x Assembled Supers 
  • 22 x Assembled National SN4 Hoffman Super Frames with BS Super Wired Foundation Sheets
  • 1 x Assembled Brood
  • 11 x Assembled National DN4 Hoffman Brood Frames & BS Brood Wired Foundation Sheets
  • 1 x B.S National Porter Bee Escape Crown Board with porter bee escapes
  • 1 x Plastic Queen Excluder- 460mm²
  • 6 x Steel Frame Runners 

Before using your hive, we recommend using an insect friendly wood preserver and weather outside for a week prior to use. We recommend all joints are glued (not included) during assembly. To prolong the life of your new hive, complete wood treatment every 3 to 4 years.