2 Frame Manual Honey Extractor

£149.99 VAT included

Introducing our 2 Frame Honey Extractor, a sleek solution crafted from durable stainless steel, featuring a convenient plastic honey gate for effortless honey extraction.

Enhanced with removable Perspex lids, this extractor provides easy access for loading and cleaning. Its manual operation ensures precise control over the extraction process.

Embracing innovation, our extractor boasts adjustable height legs, offering versatility in operation. Elevate it to either 90cm or 100cm above the ground to suit your ergonomic preferences.

The chamber flaunts a generous diameter of 38cm and a height of 61cm, optimizing honey extraction efficiency. Its cleverly engineered design ensures that honey flows seamlessly towards the exterior, facilitated by a strategically positioned honey gate equipped with a secure rubber O'Ring to prevent drips.

Operating this extractor is a breeze: warm your supers to approximately 40°C for easy honey extraction. Remove wax cappings with a specialized knife (available separately), load the frames into the cages, and start spinning the handle. Ensure the honey gate is securely closed to contain the liquid gold.

When the spinning is done, open the gate to pour the honey into awaiting buckets for filtering, ready to delight your taste buds with pure, unadulterated sweetness. Experience efficiency and simplicity with our 2 Frame Honey Extractor, designed to elevate your beekeeping endeavors to new heights.

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