100 x ApiLife Var

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Apilife Var is a VMD approved all natural Varroa treatment. Simple to use, inexpensive, with no additional equipment needed - check out our video below on how to use ApiLife Var.

Each sachet contains 2 strips; treatment requires 2 sachets (4 strips).

ApiLife Var is a very popular and effective treatment for tackling the Varrora pest in your beehive. ApiLife Var contains essential oils (Thymol, Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol and Camphor) and is the organic solution for treatment against Varroasis in bees (Varroa Destructor) and tracheal mite.

How to use ApiLife Var:

DO NOT USE during honey flow in order to avoid tainting the taste of the honey. DO NOT USE simultaneously with other acaricides.

If using Apilife Var in Poly Hives, ensure that the wafers do not come in direct contact with the polystyrene

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