Bundle 13 The Candipolline Gold and Platinum Bundle

£105.00 VAT included


  • 12 x 1kg Candipolline gold
  • 20 x 500g Candipolline Platinum


Candipolline Gold:

Candipolline Gold stays soft in variable temperatures and is an ideal feed during scarce pollen importation and bad weather.

To feed your bees using Candipolline Gold simply perforate the bag and place over the crown-board hole.


Candipolline Platinum: 

A new pollen based fondant containing 5.5% of easily digestible protein.

Specifically produced to support colonies in nutritional deficiency and the breeding of queens.

Candipolline Platinum is produced from Candipolline Gold, with added sterilized pollen and selected digestible proteins.

It is recommended in pre-wintering, to increase the body fat of winter bees, also ideal for the recovery of nutritionally distressed or debilitated colonies.