Bundle 11 Api Bioxal + 12.5kg Fondant Block

£34.99 VAT included


  • 1 x 35g Api-Bioxal.
  • 1 x 12.5kg Fondant Block.


Fondant Block:

Our fondant can be placed directly onto your crown board. Simple and easy to use, saving time and effort when feeding your bees

This 12.5kg block can be cut into smaller portions depending on the individual needs of your colony.

100% Bakers fondant consisting of Sugar, Glucose Syrup and Water. 

Ideal for use during autumn and winter to prepare your bees for cold or rainy weather, for artificial swarming, splitting colonies and stimulating activity and egg laying during early spring.

Long shelf life can last up to one year when adequately wrapped, stored in a cool, dry place and kept away from mice.

Also available in smaller quantities of either 1lb or 1kg, we recommend one 12.5kg block per colony.


Api Bioxal:

Api-Bioxal is an oxalic based VMA approved varroa treatment.

Each 35g sachet contains enough treatment for 10 Colonies. 

The treatment is most effective on broodless colonies.

Can be used either by the 'trickle' method by applying directly to frames using a syringe or used in conjunction with one of our vaporisers.

Api-Bioxal has a long shelf life if it is kept sealed in a cool dry place. If the sachet is partially used, it can be resealed and should be used within 3 months.