Bundle 7 (28kg/20L Invertbee Syrup + 2 x 6L Rapid Feeders)

£69.99 VAT included


  • 1 x 28kg/20L Invertbee Syrup.
  • 2 x 6L Rapid Feeders.

Invertbee is specifically produced for Honeybee consumption.

Ready to use at any time of year.

Invertbee will not easily granulate in the comb like other sugar syrup can do, preventing potential starvation over long winter months.

Almost 50% of Invertbee is composed of Monosaccharides ( Fructose and Glucose ) enabling quick and easy digestion.

Invertbee is a high density syrup (1.37kg/L) with a long shelf life. It will stay in its original form for 12 months. If diluted, the syrup should be used straight away as the shelf life will be limited.


  • Spring stimulant
  • Supplement feed during scarce nectar flow (June gap)
  • Winter feed

The jerry cans are made from High Density Polyethylene which can be recycled, However, you will need to check with your Local Authority to ensure it is recycled in your area.


6L Jumbo Rapid Feeder

This large rapid feeder is ideal for reducing the number of refills needed making it perfect for use during the winter months. 

Holds approximately 6L of syrup.

Compatible with British National and Langstroth hives.

Includes inner clear cup which allows for a view of the bees whilst feeding. Ridges on the feeder cone allow the bees to grip resulting in little or no fatalities due to drowning.