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Tools & Smokers

Stainless Steel Smoker and Large Starter Kit

High Quality Stainless Steel Smoker


Full Set of 5 Queen Bee Markers

Full Set of 5 Queen Bee Markers. A humane method ...


Stainless Hive Tool with J End

Very Strong hive tool with mitre chisel and J end


Frame Cleaner

Makes Waxing Frames Easy


Queen Bee Marker - Blue

Queen Bee Marker in BLUE. A humane method of ...


Frame Grip / Lifter

Powerful tool for lifting frames


2 x Retractable Grafting tools

Chinese Style Retractable Grafting tools


Frame Wire Crimper - Heavy Duty

Heavy duty crimper made from stainless and beech ...


Queen Bee Marker - Green

Queen Bee Marker in GREEN. A humane method of ...


Bee Frame Wax Embedder

Wire your own foundation


Queen Bee Marker - Red

Queen Bee Marker in RED. A humane method of ...


Uncapping Fork

Strong Uncapping Tool


Queen Bee Marker - White

Queen Bee Marker in WHITE. A humane method of ...


Uncapping Fork Cranked Tine

Strong Uncapping Tool with Cranked Tines

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