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Tools & Smokers

Nylon Bee Brush

High quality full nylon bristles


Stainless Steel Smoker

High Quality Stainless Smoker


Bee Hive Frame Wire Crimper

Bee Hive Frame Wire Crimper


Bee Frame Wax Embedder

Wire your own foundation


Replacement Bellows For Smoker

Replacement Leather Bellows


Frame Eyelet Hole Punch

Wiring your own frames with brass eyelets


Queen Clip Catcher

Clip Style Queen Catcher


Uncapping Knife Serrated Edge

Serrated Edge Uncapping Knife


Uncapping Fork

Strong Uncapping Tool


Stainless Hive Tool with J End

Very Strong hive tool with mitre chisel and J end


Queen Bee Marker Full Set

5 Colour Marker Pens for Queens


Steel Blue Grafting Tool

To transfer eggs during Queen rearing


2 Adjustable Hive Fasteners (1 pair)

Make your hives and nucs more secure


Two ended Stainless Steel Grafting Tool

2 Ended Stainless Steel Grafting Tool


Grey Queen Marker Cage

Press in / Crown of Thornes Type


10 Retractable Grafting tools

Chinese Style Retractable Grafting tools

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