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RED Queen Marker Set

Queen Marker Set in Red.
Includes 1x Clip Catcher, 1x Marking Cage with Plunger and 1x UniPosca Marker.

Used for years ending in 3 or 8.

Product Description

Beekeepers Queen Bee Marker Set - Red


This set includes:

 1 x uniPOSCA water based, non-toxic, non-fade, quick drying marker pen in RED.
Built in agitator mixes paint prior to use.

Used to mark Queen Bees as a method of location and identification.

Also aids in determining the age of Queens.

1 x Queen Clip Catcher
Used to pick up the Queen when placed over the comb.

Simply press between thumb and forefinger to open, excluder size slots allow any worker bees gathered to easily escape.

1 x Marking Cage with Plunger
A gentle way to hold the Queen for marking or examination.

Also available in WHITE, YELLOW, GREEN and BLUE.


The five internationally recognised colours are -

Mark Queens as follows, year ending:

Year ending with a  1 or 6   =  White

Year ending with a  2 or 7   = Yellow        

Year ending with a  3 or 8   =  Red  

Year ending with a  4 or 9   =  Green   

Year ending with a  5 or 0   =  Blue




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