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Queen Bee Marker - Red

Queen Bee Marker in RED.

A humane method of location and identification.
Used for years ending in 3 or 8.

Product Description


Queen Bee Marker - Red

 1 x uniPOSCA water based, non-toxic, non-fade, quick drying marker pen in Red.
Built in agitator mixes paint prior to use.

Used to mark Queen Bees as a method of location and identification.

Also aids in determining the age of Queens.

Also available in WHITE, YELLOW, GREEN and BLUE. 

The five internationally recognised colours are -

Mark Queens as follows, year ending:

Year ending with a  1 or 6   =  White

Year ending with a  2 or 7   = Yellow        

Year ending with a  3 or 8   =  Red  

Year ending with a  4 or 9   =  Green   

Year ending with a  5 or 0   =  Blue


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