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BLUE Queen marker set

Perfect for marking your new queen

Product Description


You will get:

  • A spring or 'Hair clip' type catcher
  • A Queen marker plunger
  • A BLUE Queen marker pen


This is a uni POSCA water based, non toxic, non fade and quick drying marker pen. 

Perfect for marking your new queen for easy detection, it also determines how old your queen is by the colour. 

Queens are universally recognized as having the colour according to year dotted on the top of her back.

This pen will not dry out, and has a built in agitator to mix the paint prior to use.


The five internationally recognized colours are -

  • Year ending with a  1 or 6   =  White
  • Year ending with a  2 or 7   = Yellow        
  • Year ending with a  3 or 8   =  Red  
  • Year ending with a  4 or 9   =  Green   
  • Year ending with a  5 or 0   =  Blue



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