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Parts and Accessories

2 x Porter Bee Escape

Porter Bee Escapes X 2


4mm Correx Sheet

Commonly used in beehive mesh floors


Rhombus Bee Escape

High Quality Bee Escapes


Very Strong Ratchet Hive Strap

Keep your hive very tight and secure


4 x Crown Board Breather Mesh Plates.

For protection and ventilation


Sliding Mouse guard / Travel gate for National hives

These differ from the more traditional kind of ...


Frame Eyelet Hole Punch

Wiring your own frames with brass eyelets


Nuc box Entrance gate

Entry disc with 4 separate settings.


Queen Excluder For The 6 Frame Poly Nucleus

A Queen Excluder For Your 6 Frame PolyNuc!


National Varroa Galvanized Mesh

Galvanized steel varroa sheets


Langstroth Varroa Galvanized Mesh

Galvanized steel varroa sheets


National Hive Snelgrove Board

Purpose of swarm/colony splitting


Beekeeping 8 Way Escape

One of the quickest ways