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36 x Candipolline Gold Half Kilo Pouches

36 x CANDIPOLLINE GOLD Complete Bee Food Half Kilo in sealed plastic pouches

Product Description

CANDIPOLLINE GOLD Complete Bee Food half kilo sealed plastic pouches
This recent innovation is being rapidly adopted by many British Beekeepers. I have used this on my bees and I can confirm that they love it. Or just ask anyone else who has already tried it.
Unlike sugar syrup or candy/Fondant based products, this offers your bees a much improved diet when natural foraging isn't possible due to bad weather or such times as early spring when a stimulant is needed or during the 'june gap'. It is manufactured in Italy, and must be an ideal piece of the UK beekeepers armoury against our recent 'unpredictable climate'

These are compact, pocket sized, for small colonies or nucleuses, as well as "quick fixes" where you want to keep your bees busy or just give them a boost.
 Major italian beekeeping organizations such as UNAPI are using the product and it is rapidly gaining enthusiasm amongst beekeepers

  • Offers an improved diet for healthier bees
  • Reduces the mortality rate compared with pure sugar based feeding
  • Stays at a soft texture in variable temperature

1 Kilo pouches also available

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The concept of Candipolline Gold is based on a consistent number of scientific publications that show the importance of feeding bees with sugar candy added with a protein supplement.
Pollen itself is the most complete source of proteins and microelements and it's considered the "Gold standard" for bees nutrition.
The nutrition of bees with a protein rich candy sugar results in more spring productivity, increase in population growth of the colony and a consitent decrease of sensibility towards pathogens like nosema spp., malphingamoeba mellificae ecc. Overall the mortality of colonies is decreased consistently. A two year long study has shown that bees fed with syrup have a mortality rate of 23%, bees fed with protein rich candy 10% and non fed bees have a 40 % mortality rate.
However the use of pollen in bees nutrition is complicated by the fact that it has to be sterile for bees safety and it has to be mixed to a cold sugar candy in order to avoid the loss of vitamins and protein denaturation.
Enolapi have achieved a complete and safe sterilization of the pollen by gamma radiation and we have adapted our production procedure to solve these problems.
Candipolline Gold is a "complete food" since the most important elements in bees nutrition are sugar (nectar) and proteins (pollen). Pollen contains also vitamins, fats, minerals, etc. In order to increase the protein content, we added to Candipolline Gold egg and milk proteins and also specific vitamins that help the brood growth.

How To Use

CANDIPOLLINE GOLD can be transferred or used in different containers and quantities as preferred, or directly into feeding chambers in Nucleus and Mating Hives.
Alternatively, you can just cut a hole in the middle of the bag and lay it over the CROWN BOARD FEEDER/BREATHER hole.


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