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Stainless Steel 9 Frame Honey Extractor

Stainless steel extractor for national Bee hives
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Product Description

This heavy-duty honey extractor will fit 9 Shallow National frames in a large nylon RADIAL cage. It can fit frames up to 43cm / 17" wide and 19cm / 7 3/4" deep

It will also extract fit 3 National BROOD or 14 x 12 FRAMES by inserting the 3 Stainless racks onto the Stainless Radial cage

Includes these features:

  • Stainless drum measuring 540mm (21 1/4") wide and 590mm 23" deep with ample honey 'reservoir' space at the bottom
  • Twin flexible perspex lids
  • Overall tank height 590mm (23")
  • Enclosed steel gear with side wind mechanism 
  • 40mm honey gate with rubber 'o' ring seal
  • Nylon 9 frame radial cage with 3 removable racks to also extract larger standard Brood frames
  • 3 sturdy stainless full length legs


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