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Complete Package 1

With Traditional White Buzz Suit and Fencing Veil
Glove Size
Suit Size
Optional Paint Colour
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Product Description

  • Buzz Beekeeeping Suit with Fencing Veil.
  • Buzz White Leather Beekeeping Gloves.
  • British National Bee Hive with Frames, Wax and Pins.
  • Large Stainless Steel Smoker.
  • Set of Beekeeping Tools.
  • Simon's "How do I get my bees?" Leaflet.
  • Free Postage to mainland UK 
 Made of PolyCotton for hard wearing while not being too thick and heavy for those hot summer days. It can be machine washed and the veil can be fully removed. Sizes allow for ample clothing worn underneath  your suit. I have had these designed for great visibility, protection and comfort.

Compare these features:

  • Elasticised waist, ankles and wrists with thumb loops
  • Elasticated hat liner to to stop hat movement that is annoyingly common with some suits
  • Ankle zips
  • 9 pockets (Two in each arm, Two breast pockets with pen compartment, two waist pockets and one long leg pocket for your hive tool)
  • Reinforced knee patches
  • Detachable FENCING STYLE VEIL for excellent visibility


Made from supple white cowhide with a full, thick and long cotton gauntlet for great forearm protection.


Top quality polyhive with frames, wax and pins.

Specially selected beekeeping tools from our range, to fully equip you for Beekeeping.


Suit Size Guide

Suit Size Guide

This guide allows for your clothing worn underneath

Size Height Chest Inside Leg Average Age
Toddler 127cm-140cm up to 71cm up to 58cm 3-6 years
Children S 142cm-152cm up to 81cm up to 66cm 10-12 years
Children L 147cm-157cm up to 86cm up to 71cm 11-14 years
S 163cm-168cm up to 91cm up to 81cm  
M up to 170cm up to 99cm up to 84cm  
L up to 178cm up to 112cm up to 86cm  
XL up to 183cm up to 117cm up to 89cm  
2XL up to 188cm up to 122cm up to 89cm  
3XL up to 193cm up to 127cm up to 91cm  
4XL up to 193cm up to 132cm up to 91cm  
5XL up to 193cm up to 137cm up to 92cm  
6XL up to 197cm up to 141cm up to 93cm  
7XL up to 200cm up to 143cm up to 93cm  
8XL up to 204cm up to 145cm up to 93cm  

Gloves Size Guide



Made from supple white cowhide with a full, thick and long cotton gauntlet for great forearm protection.

Choosing your size :

 Measure around your knuckles (at base of fingers) and this will give you your size -

Size  Knuckle Width End to End
4XS 6" 16cm 40cm
3XS 6.5" 17CM 45cm
2XS 7" 18CM 45cm
XS  7.5" 19CM 45cm
S  8 20CM 53CM
8.5 22CM 55CM 
L 9 23CM 57CM 
XL  10" (25cm) 57CM 
2XL 10.5" (25cm) 57CM 
3XL 11" (28cm) 60cm



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