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Settling Tank With Accessories - All Sizes

Choose Any Size Settling Tank! This Set Comes With Your Desired Tank, An Uncapping Fork And A Serrated Uncapping Knife at an amazing discount!
Tank Size
Uncapping Knife

Product Description

Our Food Grade Metal handled Settling Tanks Come With An Easy To Use Honey Gate And Lid.

This Package Also Includes:

A Serrated Or Straight Uncapping Knife:

Comprising of a sharp machined carbon steel blade with straight through tang, and riveted wooden handle.
The serrated/straight edge blade helps to cleanly slice through the cappings with a smooth action.
An Uncapping Fork:
made of sturdy molded plastic with very sharp twines, great for removing or scratching the tops off of the honeycomb
and also checking for varroa mites by lifting the drone brood out of the cells.
A Double Stainless Steel Honey Strainer

Measures 240mm in diameter, the arms can extend to 400mm to sit on your bucket/tank for easy, cost effective strained honey.

The two strainers sit inside each other and measure 100mm in depth.

The top (coarse) strainer has a mesh gauge of 1.5mm and the much finer second strainer has a fine mesh gauge of 0.5mm.



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