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Christmas Complete Package 5

Includes Hive, Jacket, Trousers, Gloves & Tools.
Glove Size
Jacket Size
Trouser Size
Optional Paint Colour
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Product Description

Christmas Complete Package 5

WAS: £199.95 NOW: £179.95

Order before the 15th December for guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

 Our Christmas Complete Package 5 comprises the following quality beekeeping clothing, beekeeping accessories and beekeeping equipment:

  • National High Density Poly-Hive with Two Supers
  • Includes 1 x Brood Box, 2 x Supers, 1 x Varroa Mesh Floor with Inspection Drawer and Landing Board Design, 1 x Poly-carbonate Crown Board, 1 x Metal Queen Excluder and 1 x Pollen Guide.
  • Frames, Foundation & Pins
  • Includes 22 x SN4 Frames, 11 x DN4 Frames, 22 x Shallow/ Super Wired Foundation, 11 x Deep/ Brood Wired Foundation and 500g of Gimp Pins for frame assembly.
  • Buzz Work Wear Jacket with Fencing Veil
  • Unisex sizing allows for ample clothing to be worn underneath. Made of poly-cotton fabric for hard wearing durability, protection and comfort. Complete with full front zip, two chest pockets and elasticated cuffs and waist. Fully detachable veil with easy to use ring pull zips, the fencing style veil is fitted a fine plastic mesh for excellent visibility. Please note that veils are NOT machine washable, when washing your suit please fully detach the veil and hand wash only.
  • Buzz Work Wear Beekeeping White Trousers
  • Our Buzz Work Wear Trousers are compatible to wear with our Buzz Basic and Buzz Work Wear range Jackets and Tunics. Made of hard wearing white Poly-Cotton fabric offering durability, protection and comfort. These trousers have a front zipper, reinforced knees, two side pockets, high elasticated waist and elasticated ankles with side zips to fit over your boots. Machine Washable for your convenience.
  • Buzz Work Wear Soft Hide Gloves
  • Soft and supple gloves made from quality cow hide. The extended cotton twill sleeves, ending in a rib knit cuff allow for a close fit at elbow length, whilst remaining stretchy enough to stay in place and easily slip over your hand. These gloves are a comfortable, offer ample protection and are more hygienic than other material types of beekeeping gloves.
  • Hand Wash and Drip Dry Only.
  • We recommend washing your gloves at regular intervals to prevent the transmission of bee related diseases.
  • Stainless Steel Smoker
  • Made of stainless steel with wooden / leather bellows for durability. Complete with fire guard, perforated breather plate and thick durable leather bellows, bellows clip and hanging hook. Measures 11" (28 cm) tall and smoke chamber is  4" (10 cm) in diameter. Instructions for use also included.
  • Bee Brush
  • This long handled brush made with soft pig bristles is an ideal tool for brushing bees off the frames. Measures approx. 40.5 cm (16”) long.
  • Yellow Hive Tool
  • A traditional style hive tool made from stainless steel painted yellow, slender and easy to use.
  • Straight Tine Uncapping Fork
  • This is a very popular tool used for uncapping frames of honey. Use cold with a zigzag action cutting just under the cappings. We recommend rinsing with hot water and wipe dry after each use.
  • Frame Grip
  • A spring loaded device ideal for gripping a frame with one hand.
  • Queen Clip Catcher
  • Used to pick up the Queen for marking when placed over the comb. Simply press between thumb and forefinger to open, excluder size slots allow any worker bees gathered to easily escape.
  • Queen Marking Cage with Plunger
  • A gentle way to hold the Queen for marking or examination.
  • How Do I Get My Bees? Informational Leaflet


Size Guide

Jacket Size Guide

This guide allows for your clothing worn underneath

Size Height Chest
2XS 147 cm-157 cm up to 86 cm
XS 157 cm-165 cm up to 86 cm
S 163 cm-168 cm up to 91cm
M up to 170cm up to 99cm
L up to 178cm up to 112cm
XL up to 183cm up to 117cm
2XL up to 188cm up to 122cm
3XL up to 193cm up to 127cm
4XL up to 193cm up to 132cm
5XL up to 193cm up to 137cm

Trouser Size Guide



Ankle to Elasticised Waist

Extra Extra S  22" (56cm) - 27" (69cm) 36" (92cm)
S  27" (60cm) - 30" (76cm) 38" (97cm)
M  30" (76cm) - 33" (84cm) 40" (102cm)
L  33" (84cm) - 36" (92cm) 42" (107cm)
2XL  36" (92cm) - 44" (112cm) 44" (112cm)
4XL  44" (112cm) - 52" (132cm) 48" (122cm)

Gloves Size Guide

 Measure around your knuckles (at base of fingers) and this will give you your size -

Size  Knuckle Width End to End
4XS 6" 16cm 40cm
3XS 6.5" 17CM 45cm
2XS 7" 18CM 45cm
XS  7.5" 19CM 45cm
S  8 20CM 53CM
8.5 22CM 55CM 
L 9 23CM 57CM 
XL  10" (25cm) 57CM 
2XL 10.5" (25cm) 57CM 
3XL 11" (28cm) 60cm



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