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18 x Candipolline Gold One Kilo Pouches

A ready to use fondant paste developed and produced in Italy by Enolapi.

Product Description


A ready to use fondant paste developed and produced in Italy by Enolapi, Candipolline Gold is a new concept of feeding bees and is not to be confused with normal bee candy.

Consisting of (beet) sugar, milk, egg proteins mixed at low temperatures to avoid loss of vitamins and denaturation of vital proteins and added bee pollen sterilised with Gamma Rays to avoid contamination of any disease.

Proven to be well digested by bees, the added bee pollen is particularly beneficial with recent studies showing increased brood development, higher resistance towards pathogens and a lower mortality rate.

Candipolline Gold stays soft in variable temperatures and is an ideal feed during scarce pollen importation and bad weather.

To feed your bees using Candipolline Gold simply perforate the bag and place over the crown-board hole.


Available in 0.5kg and 1kg sealed plastic pouches, save money when purchasing in bulk.

Please note: for use in beekeeping only.


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